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1Derrick serves more than 150 clients including oil and gas majors, independent E&P companies, several blue chip PE firms, top investment banks and consulting firms.

1Derrick has offices in New York, Houston, London, Singapore and Bangalore.

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  • 1Derrick has an intuitive understanding of what Oil and Gas Business Development teams need.

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  • Finally, someone has noticed the glaring gap in US Onshore E&P acreage data and actually done something about it. 1Derrick's US Onshore Maps Database is not just an elegant product, it is hugely informative. By mining and aggregating our competitors' own public disclosures and mapping them in one single database, 1Derrick's US Onshore Maps Database allows us to quickly see complete acreage positions side by side and determine where there are holes, who might be a good partner, who might be a good target, and to understand the key players in any US play. We use the US Onshore Maps Database every day as we continue to mold our strategy.

    US Private E&P

    Finance Director

  • The 1Derrick US Onshore Maps Database provides an exceptional service to the oil and gas A&D community. Having quick access to operator and transaction maps at your fingertips saves an enormous amount of time and resources and allows us to easily integrate the maps into our GIS applications for more meaningful analysis.

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    Head of A&D